Author of  "Decode The Black Box of Group Health Insurance" 
Book-  Common Sense Tools To Cut Medical Insurance Premiums

J. Lara Juanillo 

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If your company got a health insurance rate increase, negotiate, if you got a rate pass, negotiate, if you got a rate reduction, negotiate.   Never leave money on the table for carriers - negotiate, negotiate, negotiate.   J. Lara Juanillo 

If You Only Have Time To Read One Book This Year ...

Then Decode the Black Box is a must read!   By reading the Decode the Black Box book, we can help you or your clients save time, same money, and save jobs.  

With sky high health care costs and additional costs predicted with health care reform changes in 2014, you cannot afford not to question your group health insurance rates.

Apply common sense negotiation techniques that can only be learned by decades of experience.  Don't leave money on the table.  Question your health insurance carrier.  Get the only book that can teach you how to drop your health insurance rates.   It will pay itself many times over. 

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